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Stress Free Annual Fire Safety Statements.


Is your Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) due?


Are you having trouble with the council or your Work Health and Safety (WH&S) obligations?


Do you want someone to manage the whole AFSS process?

FireProof provides audits and certifications for your compliance requirements. Whether you need an inspection for your AFSS or you just want a regular monthly check up of your fire protection system, FirPproof will ensure that all your Essential Fire Safety Measures are always in place and in good working condition.

We schedule all inspections from the start so they it aligns with your annual certification due date. For AFSS, annual inspections are scheduled 3 months before your annual fire safety statement is due. This alleviates your stress by giving you more time for us to present options, to fix or replace defective fire safety equipment and more time to submit your certificate.

FireProof know how to take the stress out of Annual Fire Safety Statements. We can usually get an extension on your behalf and have a good working relationship with most councils.For our existing customers, we schedule our major tests 3 months before the AFSS is due. This gives us time to explore the most cost effective options for the client, in a relaxed face to face chat that meets both the compliance issues and also works within the clients’ needs.

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AFSS 101: How to Put Together an Annual Fire Safety Statement in Sydney

A fire hazard can rapidly escalate from a vague concern to a tangible threat. If you manage a building, responsible fire safety planning can minimise physical and financial damage and inspire confidence in the people who utilise your facility. Routine inspections by a fire service company ensures your building and the people inside it are protected from an unexpected threat and that you are compliant with laws and regulations.

Because you are responsible for your staff and customers, it’s vital to arrange for an AFSS at your Sydney facility each year. AFSS stands for Annual Fire Safety Statement. These statements exist to make sure you remain compliant regarding your fire safety obligations. When you hire professionals to provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement for your Sydney business, you’ll be doing your due diligence and reducing risk.

Making the Most of AFSS Support in Sydney

Pay attention to the due date of your Annual Fire Safety Statement and plan your inspections to align with these due dates so you can act immediately. An inspection might turn up evidence that your fire safety system requires repairs or replacements. Timely assessments will give you time to meet these needs before your statement is due.

How FireProof Can Help

Choose to have your essential fire safety measures overseen by a company with ample experience. Look for a business that can provide certifications and audits to keep you in compliance, and total management of your AFSS process, so you never find yourself running out of time to have the necessary work done.

When you choose FireProof, you’ll benefit from decades of experience and tailored service designed for the needs of your establishment or facility. We provide extensive services to our clients to keep them well-prepared for fire-related emergencies and compliant with the law, including the following essentials.

  • AFSS Inspections: we schedule all major tests well before the due date so you will always have enough time to complete maintenance and repairs to stay in compliance with operational health and safety standards.
  • Extensions: when required, we can often obtain extensions for our clients because of our positive working relationship with most councils. After 30 years of industry experience, we can often suggest solutions that others haven’t thought of which can save time and money.
  • Detailed explanations of everything we find: you deserve to have the full picture when it comes to your fire safety infrastructure, so we make sure to leave no stone unturned when conducting our tests and leave no detail out when providing you with the results. Our reports come live from the site and come with photos.

Keep your building and your company safe by relying on a fully accredited fire protection company to assist with your AFSS management. Don’t let fire safety slip on your list of organisational priorities. Contact FireProof today, and we’ll advise you on how our expert services can make your people safer and keep you compliant with laws and regulations.

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