Hassle-Free Annual Fire Safety Statement

Running a business in a highly competitive modern environment is not easy. It is understandable that some companies simply do not get around to their annual fire safety statement until the local council quite rudely reminds them that it is due. Unfortunately, this ends up costing you the time you don’t have and additional money on paying contractors for last-minute work, not to mention the often exorbitant rush fee of your accredited fire safety practitioner to complete your statement.

What if we told you that fire safety statements need not amount to unnecessary expenditure or time? Completing your annual fire safety statement in NSW and keeping you up to date with all supplementary fire safety statements need not be a hassle. Our highly advanced digitised system removes the headaches of rushing to get your safety statements completed and handed in. We make fire safety an easy and affordable exercise.

Our state-of-the-art software system builds your schedule of maintenance and inspections around the due date of your AFSS, ensuring that you are always up to date and prepared for anything. It also keeps you fully up to date on the progress of maintenance activities and testing with relevant notifications sent to you, allowing you to remain on top of things with minimal effort.

Ensure Compliance With an Annual Fire Safety Statement in Sydney

Following the prescriptions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment regulations as well as the Building and Development Certifiers Act can be a daunting task. These regulations are substantial and comprehensive – and for a good reason. Ensuring the safety of your staff and customers in the case of a fire emergency is vital not only to a successful insurance claim but to your reputation as a company. We are a prominent fire safety service provider and accredited fire safety practitioner, offering efficient, effective, and practical solutions for our customers.

  • Comprehensive service: Most companies know the pain of wasting time switching between trades to get things done. We offer a fully comprehensive service, with the full capability to install, test, repair and maintain all fire safety and related equipment and professionally draw up your fire safety certificate in NSW. No more dealing with multiple companies and contacts. We do it all.
  • Highly trained technicians: We dedicate a lot of time and resources to ensure our staff are trained to the highest industry standards. Our team of highly trained, multi-skilled technicians are fully qualified to complete the full range of testing and on-site checks required to complete your statements and carry out any repairs needed to get your systems up to scratch and compliant.
  • Digitised convenience: With Fireproof Fire Protection Services, you don’t have to ever worry about fire statements again. Our software will give you plenty of forewarning when the time comes for you to start thinking about your annual statements. We will call you for an appointment long before you call us for your annual checks and testing. It does not get any easier or more convenient than that.

Fire Safety Compliance Sorted

Effective fire protection system management is crucial and quite a hefty responsibility, one that is best left up to the professionals. We take the responsibility upon ourselves so you can focus on the running of your business.

  • Save time: Completing your annual fire safety statement in NSW can take significant time out of your schedule. We take over the day-to-day monitoring of the latest developments in terms of regulatory requirements, maintenance, and testing, so you don’t have to worry about it. We take over the entire fire safety and compliance function in your business.
  • Save money: Why pay multiple contractors to spend hours repairing and testing the different elements of your fire safety system? Our streamlined service and multi-skilled technicians can handle any issues in a fraction of the time, saving you money without compromising quality.
  • Superior fire protection: We pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of services, our superior quality, and the outstanding efficiency of our software solutions for optimal fire safety and reporting. We ensure that you are always covered, ensuring the safety of your business, employees, and customers at all times.

Fire Safety Service Provider of Choice

Fireproof Fire Protection Services is a well-established, widely renowned and trusted provider of fire safety and reporting services. Our extensive, professional industry experience and state-of-the-art software solutions are the pinnacles of fire safety in Australia. Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money while keeping your employees and customers safe and your business compliant.