The Importance of Fire Alarm Testing in Sydney

Although you might rarely notice it, all businesses have procedures for emergencies. Ranging from extreme weather conditions such as flash floods and wildfires to human error, preventative emergency measures are unnecessary until you find yourself in a dangerous situation. By ensuring that you conduct regular and thorough fire alarm testing in Sydney, you can protect your property and, more importantly, the occupants from the ever-present threat of fire. If you are still uncertain, let us give you a better overview.

What Does a Fire Safety Inspection Consist of?

The process of inspecting a property is meant to gauge how well it is equipped to deal with emergencies and whether there are sufficient measures to deem it safe in dangerous situations. Most inspections require a keen eye, as there are multiple factors to consider when assessing a structure. These areas of assessment include:

  • Fire extinguisher testing. With various shapes and operational procedures, standard extinguishers use pressure to direct chemicals toward open flames and smother them. Testing these vessels includes checking adequate pressure, exterior rust, and the expiry date, which can all implicate or impede functioning.
  • Fire alarm testing. Alarm systems consist of extensive, intricate networks of sensors, sirens, and sprinklers that all work in unison to detect smoke, notify occupants of an imminent threat, and start to extinguish fires. Ensuring each system component is in good working order is essential, as a failure could result in injury or destruction.
  • Checking of signage and means of egress. Commercial structures must adhere to clear and sufficient emergency signage and emergency exits. These signs indicate the nearest exit point of a building so that you can escort co-workers and reach safety as soon as possible.

Why Should You Conduct an Annual Fire Safety Inspection?

Even though fire inspection services are designed to assess your commercial property’s capacity to deal with emergencies such as a fire, they serve a greater purpose in maintaining general safety. For various reasons, we mainly encourage yearly inspections so that you can take stock of the following:

  • The structural integrity of your property. Because fire systems encompass an entire building, it forces one to note all the structure’s physical features, including water damage, loose wiring, and fire hazards. By having us take a look, we can show you the inherent dangers within your property.
  • Preventative emergency procedures. By having plans for emergencies, whether it relates to fires or natural disasters, your property and its occupants can act quickly and without hesitation.
    Accessibility. A common problem for older structures is the lack of accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Accessibility can refer to wheelchair access, which is often not present but available for buildings. A simple, detachable ramp at a backdoor or entrance can make the life of a customer or staff member much easier, not to mention more efficient for emergency personnel to access with gurneys.

About FireProof Fire Protection Services

Unlike similar companies, we operate as an all-inclusive safety partner that leaves nothing to chance. By equipping you with an advanced task management system, you can oversee your building and its safety components with the inclusion of a direct line to us. We encourage communication with our clients, ensuring an amicable and professional relationship where we can deliver our services at a moment’s notice. Our system employs built-in alerts so that we can conduct your inspections at the time of your choosing, as often as you choose, and with a notification on the day of the fire alarm inspection. With a team boasting unparalleled experience and knowledge, we are confident that your property will be ready for most emergencies.

For a company that takes the safety of your commercial property and its occupants seriously, make sure to contact us today and have us assess your safety measures.