Ensure Your Safety Measures Work With Fire Equipment Maintenance

Fire equipment maintenance is a crucial element to keeping your workplace safety operational. When a fire breaks out in the office, working safety equipment can be the difference between an accident getting out of control and minimal fire damage. Work with FireProof Fire Protection Services and ensure you have the safety equipment ready for when you need it.

Different Fire Equipment Services You Can Expect From Us

We can service a wide range of fire safety equipment at your workplace. As a rule of thumb, we can provide maintenance and repairs if it has to do with fire safety. If you prefer specifics, here are some examples of devices we can assist with:

  • We provide fire extinguisher maintenance. Many people forget that fire extinguishers have an expiration date and that they should receive upkeep and replacement as necessary. We can inspect any extinguishers you have on-site and ensure they still work. We will tell you if we think you should replace them now – or will have to replace them soon.
  • Assist with effective smoke alarm upkeep. Smoke alarms can make a tremendous difference in your building’s reaction time to a fire breaking out. When your smoke alarms malfunction, it can cost you valuable seconds in dealing with a spreading fire. We will test every smoke alarm on your premises to ensure it still works properly.
  • Investigate all your sprinkler systems for unnoticed errors. Sprinkler systems can save your building from a spreading fire since it provides an automated rapid first response. These sprinklers can act much faster than humans and deliver substantial amounts of water to the burning area. When these systems are not working as they should, they will do nothing to stop a fire. We assist you in getting ahead of forming problems with immediate, effective repairs.
  • Our team inspects your fire hose reels and tests them. Fire hose reels make sure that specific parts of your building have reliable access to a controlled supply of water that can assist in combatting fires. We will undo the reels and test everything from the water pressure to the reel itself to ensure no interruptions when you need to use it.

How to Identify Whether You Need Our Fire Extinguisher Service

While we can undoubtedly provide effective maintenance services, it’s always helpful to know which indications you should look out for that indicate it’s time to give us a call. Here are some of the more common signs that indicate you need extinguisher services soon:

  • The hose/nozzle of the extinguisher seems damaged. If you notice any signs of damage on the hose or nozzle of your fire extinguishers, you should call us. We can ensure that the damage will not prevent the effective use of the device. If it will, we will advise repairs or replacement – which we can do for you.
  • The pressure gauge needle rests outside the indicated ‘green zone’. The pressure needle of your extinguisher tells you whether the pressure inside of it is still high enough to allow for effective use. When this pressure drops out of the green zone, you need to replace the extinguisher immediately as it has lost its efficacy.
  • You notice a damaged handle. Handle damage can make the device inoperable or less comfortable to use. If the handle of your extinguisher shows any sign of damage, you should have our team inspect it. During our maintenance, we can investigate whether the damage is a reason to replace the device or not.
  • You have faulty signage. Whether you have signage that has started to fade or even signage that has fallen off, we also investigate all warning signage and ensure it’s repaired.

About Our Team and Our Fire System Service

At FireProof Fire Protection Services, we want to help as many clients maintain their fire safety equipment because we know how much of a difference it can make. Should a fire break out, you want your safety equipment operating at the maximum potential to minimise the damage, and our team will help you do it. Call us about our maintenance services and tell us which devices you have on premises.