Smoke Alarm Installation

An effective and working fire system at your commercial premises and warehouses is vital for employees’ safety and a legal requirement. Clamping a few extinguisher bottles to the walls is not enough. Every building is unique and requires a tailored fire system installation and regular maintenance.

What Is Fire System Design?

The objective of fire system design is to determine the risks associated with the building and the business or manufacturing activities being conducted. This risk assessment allows the designer to determine the best approach to possible fires on the premises by specifying the equipment and the layout for the fire alarm installation.

  • Each design requires unique solutions that must be fully documented for clarity and testing against current regulations. Environmental constraints that affect the implementation of specific fire containment devices are considered and weighed against economic factors such as installation cost and annual maintenance.
  • The fire system design provides a checklist of the installed equipment and its capabilities, which is verified each year and serves to prove compliance with the occupational and building safety regulations currently in force.
  • The design documentation is also the starting point of any future upgrade of the fire system, as it should provide essential data such as interface diagrams, the operational pressure of wall hoses and sprinklers, and cause and effect diagrams to the fire sprinkler fitter and other trades.

The Three Main Elements of a Good Fire Response Installation

It matters little what specifics are determined in the fire system design because almost any good fire protection system will contain three critical elements: detection, alarm and automated response. Examples of these parts include:

  • Smoke detectors. A smoke detector uses the photoelectric principle to detect smoke particles in the air, and most units also incorporate a carbon monoxide sensor. The detectors are connected to the main electrical supply with a battery backup. Smoke alarm installation follows strict patterns for maximum coverage.
  • Fire alarms. An activated smoke alarm will trigger the audible klaxon to warn everyone in the building that there is a fire. The alarm can also be triggered manually.
  • Fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers are the most effective method of containing a fire in most commercial environments. It is a dependable system that can be tailored with the correct flow rate for maximum effect by a qualified sprinkler fitter. Obviously, the water is not suitable for all places, so another type of automatic extinguisher must be installed for these situations.

Important Further Aspects of a Fire Containment System

After you have installed the right fire protection system by following the design plan, two aspects remain that must be kept up to date. This ensures peak performance during a crisis.

  • Regular maintenance and repairs cannot be stressed enough. This includes running tests and diagnostics on the operational capacity of the system. We always follow through on our work and schedule routine inspections to verify that every component works. We’ll also proactively replace parts that are not performing to our high standards, thereby severely decreasing the chance of failure during an emergency.
  • The Annual Fire Safety Statements are mandatory. It must be displayed in your building and submitted to the local council and the Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW. We assist businesses with timeous completion of the assessment. Our team is also licensed in the various fields encompassed in the AFSS, so you only have to deal with us.

About Fireproof Fire Protection Services

We have been in this business for over 30 years and have provided first-class fire response systems to companies in Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains. We follow a single contact policy, meaning that all your business is conducted through the same person who then builds up a relationship of trust with clients.

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