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CFSP Sydney (Competent Fire Safety Practitioner)

Looking for A CFSP In Sydney?

If you are looking for a CFSP (Competent Fire Safety Practitioner) here in Sydney, FireProof is just what you need. Our staff have many years of experience and are qualified CFSP’s in fire safety. We have worked with many clients, of all sizes with varying needs, and even led “Continuous Improvement” for Tyco across Asia-Pacific for seven years. As such, we are more than happy and capable of collaborating with you in assessing yourbuilding or storefronts fire safety needs.

All our technicians are trained as CFSP and care just as much about your safety as you do. With services ranging from installing fire safety systems to performing annual fire safety statements, we are your one-stop shop for all things fire safety. With our services, you receive a single point of contact who will manage your account and be sure to keep your building up to code. This way, your building’s fire safety is our number one priority.

Whether you are concerned about your sprinkler system, smoke detection, or even want fire safety or evacuation training, we can help you. Fire safety can often be stressful for any building owner, and we aim to take the stress out of ensuring safety.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a top quality CFSP in Sydney today. We cater to a range of needs and services and work with you to ensure your building is fire safe.