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Fire Assessment Sydney

If you own any building or storefront, making sure it is up to code and safe in the event of a fire is you legal responsibility. Fires happen fast, and you want to be entirely sure that you are protected in the case of such an emergency. At FireProof, we give you peace of mind by offering the best fire and risk assessment services here in Sydney. We have been the top choice for several buildings and industrial spaces, always keeping your people safety in mind.

We offer a range of options for fire assessment in Sydney and have a wide range of service and maintenance options, including risk assessment, so that you can figure out what’s best for your business. Offering free site appraisals for your building and annual fire safety statements to ensure you’re complying with Australian regulations, we verify your building is as protected from the event of a fire as possible. With stress free compliance checks for our customers and automated tracking of all maintenances, your safety will always be our top priority when working together.

We know fire safety. If you are looking for the best fire assessment in Sydney, we’re your guys. Contact us today for a free site appraisal, or to find out how we can best suit your building’s need. We’ll take the stress out of your fire safety concerns, leaving you feeling as protected as possible in the event of a fire.