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Fire Protection Services and Installation – Why a Fire Protection System and Fire Prevention Systems are Important

As an employer or building manager, you are liable for the safety of the people in your facility. The two key factors to avoiding fire damage are fire prevention systems and a fire protection system.

FireProof has 25 years’ experience in the industry including the design, installation and service of the most extensive and progressive systems in the country. We offer our expertise in smoke detection, sprinklers, gas suppression and more, providing you with professional service from a dedicated, knowledgeable staff.

What is the difference between fire prevention and fire protection?

Fire prevention happens before there’s a fire. The best way to prevent a fire is through regular inspections. A fire inspector from FireProof can check your facility for hazards such as overloaded electrical circuits, systems and equipment that need maintenance or repairs, and the way that hazardous materials are handled and stored in industrial facilities.

If your building complies with the standards determined by the NSW Government, a licenced fire inspector will issue your building with an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). By law, all public buildings must have a valid certificate and non-compliance could lead to the unnecessary expense of related fines.

Fire protection and prevention systems includes fire alarms, extinguishers, and sprinkler systems, it can consist of fire doors, smoke detection, fire resistant building materials and ventilation systems. These are all legal requirmentsof the building code of Australian, now known as the National Code of Construction.

FireProof has more than 25 years’ experience providing fire protection services for commercial and industrial buildings in Sydney and surrounds. We can assist you with a fire prevention system for a new building or bring your existing building up to standard.

What Do Fire Protection Services Companies Do?

FireProof fire protection services help building managers to keep people safe and ensure that the business is compliant with laws and regulations. Our technicians install and maintain fire prevention systems and fire protection systems in industrial and commercial facilities. They are qualified and trained to inspect your building for compliance and can issue an AFSS certificate. FireProof offers services that other companies don’t, saving building managers time and causing fewer operational interruptions due to contractors working in the building.

When you make use of FireProof’s services, you only need to deal with one person. The technician appointed to your building is multiskilled and can perform a variety of maintenance tasks and checks. He is also the account manager for your facility and can process quotes and reports on-site. Our automated system sends an SMS to the building manager whenever a technician will be on-site, and we automatically schedule inspections three months before an Annual Fire Safety Statement is due, allowing enough time to repair or replace equipment that does not meet specifications.

Stop worrying about AFSS, contact FireProof for your fire protection installation.