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Fire Safety Compliance Services Sydney

Are You Looking for Fire Safety Compliance Services in Sydney? Achieve Compliance and Quality with the Help of FireProof

Let’s say your business is coming up on the due date for its Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). You need a fire safety audit to get the necessary certification that proves your fire safety systems are in good, working condition. The problem is, you’ve only got a few more days until your certification is due and you haven’t scheduled an audit yet. You’re scrambling to find a fire safety services company that can fit you into the schedule and perform a thorough, legally compliant inspection. With so little time to spare, you will have limited time to fit issues, which creates stress, so you’re just hoping there are no problems.

FireProof: A Smarter Way to Go about Fire Safety Compliance Services

The above narrative is far too common in realtion to fire compliance. Simply put, you can never be sure that every component of your fire safety system is going to be in good working order. There could be worn out parts that need replacing, or defective components that need fixing. Your fire safety service provider needs time to provide you with options for repair, replacement, or maintenance, as well as to carry out the necessary fixes. If you only have a few days until your AFSS due date, there might not be time to get the repairs done—let alone to submit your certificate and avoid penalties.

At FireProof, we provide fire services in Sydney in a way that will allow you to avoid this kind of frantic sprint towards the finish line. Our services are not only geared towards full fire safety compliance and system quality, but they’re also designed to provide a stress-free solution for business owners such as yourself. Trust us: we know that you have a lot on your plate and that fire safety—while important—is not typically at the forefront of your mind. However, we also know that an AFSS violation is a huge hassle and that you are liable forpeoples safety in your building, and it’s something we would like to help you avoid.

When you hire us for fire safety compliance services, we do everything we can to make sure an AFSS violation is something you won’t have to deal with, ever. First, we design and install high quality fire safety systems that meet all compliance requirements. Then, we devise a service and inspection plan for your system that will help you achieve every deadline out there. Additionally, your fire safety compliance will avoid the unnecessary expense of potential fines.

Crucially our automated scheduling system schedule your annual inspection three whole months before your AFSS certificate is due. If your system is still in good shape, terrific. You’ll enjoy three stress-free months of knowing that you’ve already done the legwork for the AFSS. If there are components of your system that require repair or replacement, our technicians will have the time to present you with options, recommend fixes, and perform repairs. Either way, we will hit your deadline date with time to spare.

Call FireProof for Your Fire Safety Services in Sydney

If you’re looking for fire services in Sydney and are tired of chasing compliance, contact FireProof today. We provide a better solution, with much less stress. We look forward to hearing from you.