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Fire Safety Systems Audit in Buildings

Ensure Compliance with Fire Safety Systems in Your Business Buildings: Call FireProof for a Fire Safety Audit in Sydney

Ideally, having a fire safety system in your building should provide you with peace of mind. Knowing that there are safeguards in place to protect your property from fire damage should free you up to focus on other things. Sometimes, though, maintaining a fire safety system and keeping it compliant with all relevant regulations and standards can be a sizeable stress source. At FireProof, we can help you achieve fire safety compliance with the least hassle.

What 25 Years of Industry Experience Means for Fire Safety

What sets FireProof apart from other fire safety companies is our Expertise. We have staff that have been in this industry for 25 years and counting. In that time, we have designed, installed, serviced, upgraded, and maintained some of the largest and most advanced fire safety systems in all of Australia. Our teams are extremely knowledgeable about every facet of the job, from fire detection and alarms to gas detection and beyond.

We also keep a finger on the pulse of the latest fire safety regulations. It’s important to be up to date on your fire safety equipment procedures but knowing what ‘up to date’ means isn’t always easy for the average business enterprise. At FireProof, we’re a fully accredited fire protection company, which means we can take on the core burden of your compliance.

Indeed, one of the things we always say at FireProof is that we give our clients the gift of stress-free compliance. By taking the guesswork and confusion out of safety audits, we help you stay on top of your fire safety obligations.

For instance, we don’t require you to schedule your inspections. We know that, for most businesses, work gets in the way, leading to delayed assessments and resulting lapses in compliance. When companies hire us for fire safety systems in buildings, we schedule all inspections at the time of commencement, to make sure that these lapses never occur. Each inspection date is chosen to align with the customer’s annual certification due date. To avoid any issues, we make sure these inspections transpire three months before your annual fire safety statement is due. All monthly and six-monthly assessments, in turn, are scheduled automatically to reduce stress on your part.

This system makes things easy for us, too. When companies call us for fire safety system maintenance, it makes our jobs more difficult if there hasn’t been consistency in their inspections and servicing. When you schedule all your safety reviews with us, we ensure that your building. Our technicians have a full site and job history for your system that they can consult at any inspection or service call.

Schedule Your Fire Safety Audit Today

Do you need a new fire safety system for your business building? Alternatively, are you tired of feeling like you’re consistently playing catch up regarding fire safety compliance? If so, FireProof can help. To schedule a fire safety audit of your existing building system, give us a call on 1300 145 490.