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Premium Fire System Design Services

Three Reasons to Rely on FireProof to Deliver Premium Services in Fire System Design for Your Building

Maintaining safety in the workplace is a complex undertaking. Successfully navigating this challenge means paying enough attention to each of the facets of protection to ensure proper compliance in all areas. While some safety measures focus entirely on employee behaviours and the right procedures to follow in an emergency, others are fixed and more permanent — such as the firesystem that services your building in the event of an emergency. From the alarms that alert staff to exit the building in a safe, efficient manner to emergency sprinklers that can limit the spreading flames, these systems are critical components that require close attention.

Have you been issued with a Council ‘Fire Order’ or the fire safety systems within your building inadequate, or are you in the process of outfitting a new structure that must be brought into compliance with AFSS requirements? Whatever the reason your business is in search of a new firesystemdesign, a partner that understands the challenges inherent in this process can prove invaluable. At FireProof, we provide our clients with direct access to our 25 years of industry experience, backed by a strong track record of success. With the ability to design, install, and even help maintain your system, we have the right tools to help secure your business in this regard.

A trusted provider of premium fire services

First: we provide you with a single point of contact for coordinating this process from start to finish. It’s hard to overstate how streamlined and stress-free this process can be when you always know precisely whom to call with questions or concerns. Why play “telephone tag” or spend days chasing answers to design problems? Your account manager and primary technician are the same, so there’s never a need to waste time explaining your concerns to someone unfamiliar with the project.

Next, consider the breadth and depth of our industry experience. Over our years in the business, FireProof has enjoyed the opportunity to design, implement, and maintain some of the most extensive fire safety systems across Australia. We’ve even worked in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, hospitals, heritage buildings and offices. Not only does this equip us for the challenges any client might face, but it gives us a first-hand understanding of the latest in technology and equipment.

The third reason: our ability to ensure annual compliance for our clients long after the initial installation. Take a moment to learn more about how we can help with your Annual Fire Safety Statement. All the premiumbenefits of working with FireProof you’ll experience while implementing a new firesystemdesign translate to our maintenance and service plans as well.

Explore options for your building with FireProof

Actual Fires in Sydney have threatened business continuity, peoples safety and raised questions of liability. Implementing systems to respond to and deal with such an emergency should be a top priority. To learn more about our premium fire services and to start a conversation about how to make your business safer, please contact us online or call on 1300 145 490 now.