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Keeping People Safe And Compliant With Regulations

Fireproof is one of the leading fire protection company in Sydney. We work with commercial and multi-storey residential premises, providing fire protection services for our clients. We specialise in the design, installation and service of fire protection systems including:

Fire Alarms Systems

Sprinklers systems

Fire Pumps


Emergency Warning and Intercom System (EWIS)


EVAC Diagrams

Occupant Warning Systems (OWS)

Training (fire warden, fire response training)


Our staff have over 30 years of accumulated experience in the industry and we comply with the required building codes such as the Building Code of Australia BCA and NNC National Code of Construction and Australian standards.


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Fire can happen anytime, anywhere. According to statistics:

“In 2013–14, Australian fire agencies attended 101,867 fire related incidents,of which 19,524 (19 per cent) involved structure fires.”

Serious fire incidents can lead to extensive damage to property and loss of life. Every year, billions of dollars go up in ashes due to fires.

But 95% of all these fires are found to be extinguishable with the proper fire protection system. A fire protection system is defined as any approved devices, equipment, systems or combinations of systems designed to detect fire or smoke, activate an alarm, extinguish or suppress fire, control or manage smoke and other products of fire.

Installing a working fire protection system increases your chance of putting out a fire, minimising damages and saving lives. A good system detects fire or smoke and sends out an alarm to warn people and give them time to evacuate or escape.

In New South Wales (NSW) there were 23,766 accidental fires from 2010 to 2015 . But between 2009-10 and 2013-14 the number of structure fires attended by Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) dropped from 7495 to 6209. This is due to increasing number of fire protection installed in the area preventing the occurrence of fire and minimising damages.