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Keeping “people safe” and “your building compliant”.

We all have a moral duty to keep people safe while in our building and the government backs this with numerous provide a “safe workplace” laws.

FireProof would love to partner with you to ensure that people are safe and your building is compliant. Fireproof carry out tests and inspections according to the Australian standards and our systems are uniquely created to ensure that your building management duties are greatly simplified.

Only with FireProof will you get, reports emailed to you live from site for each test, along with Photos of any issues with our recommendation. We also reduce building interruptions by multi skilling technicians. This frees up your time with less building visits by different personnel requiring all access and keys. And finally our systems automatically schedule your inspections with plenty of time before the AFSS allowing us time to explore the most cost effective solutions and allowing Stress Free Compliance.

If you prefer a single point of contact and your building management simplified, please contact us so we can discuss how we could do this for you.


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Are you ready for a better Fire Protection provider?

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