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Whatever operations you conduct on your commercial property, you must protect the space from potential danger – one of them being fire. The safety of your employees is your responsibility, and you must adhere to Australian standards and state legislation in terms of occupational health and safety regulations. From a warehouse to a restaurant, accidents can put staff, customers, and your assets at risk. Having fire extinguishers on the wall or a smoke alarm isn’t enough. You must hire fire protection services for your Sydney business.

We understand that staying on top of these regulations is challenging, especially when you have other operational areas that demand attention. For this reason, you can leave fire safety in Sydney in the hands of a reputable company like FireProof Fire Protection Services.

The Reasons You Need Fire Protection Services


It’s advisable to learn from the mistakes of others in the past to prevent problems in the future. In 2001, a fire raged through the commercial capital of Sydney, with the Insurance Council of Australia estimating the damage worth A$50 million. The lack of fire safety services was a glaring omission; however, you have access to fire protection companies that can help you prepare for the worst-case scenario and minimise damage as much as possible. If you’re still thinking about it, these reasons should convince you to collaborate with a professional organisation.


  • As we previously mentioned, the safety of your employees lies at your door. Fire protection services will guard your business and human capital against potential danger. When your staff feel safe, they will automatically be more productive. Since your operation is ultimately the livelihood of your employees, Australian fire services aren’t solely for protecting your assets but also your staff.
  • Statistics show that of all the businesses that experience fire damage, only 30 percent of them recover and reopen. The others usually shut down their operations within three years of the fire due to the intensity of the damage, both physically and financially. When you hire a professional company to take care of your fire protection, they have the equipment and tools to survive fire interruption. Your preparation for fire damage can dictate your company’s survival in the future.
  • When you’re taking on business insurance, the insurers will assess your risk before determining your coverage costs. When you compare the costs of fire protection services to fire recovery and subsequent insurance premium hikes, they are worlds apart. Also, investing in fire equipment services helps you to avoid potential liability. Failure to comply with necessary safety standards places your business at risk of accountability, so it’s wise to have fire protection in place.
  • Protection services won’t merely install the equipment and leave. They will deliver comprehensive training to you and your employees about operating and maintaining the system. They’ll also receive proper guidance about the manoeuvres to perform during a fire, which can save lives.


How to Choose Fire Protection Companies in Sydney


Now that you’re aware of the value of fire protection services, you can select the ideal provider for your operation. Some building managers stick with the same outfit every year, not considering if they’re overpaying for fewer services. You need to know that the fire protection company you select is perfect for your business. Following these tips will assist in making an informed decision.


  • The company you collaborate with must possess proper liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. Providers that belong to the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) must abide by a stringent code of practice that demands the necessary insurance. Also, it sets the standard for the quality of work, so you can rest easy on the fact that we are Gold members of the FPAA.
  • The FPAA recently introduced the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS), which recognises technicians’ knowledge, training, and competency. During your procurement process, you must ensure that the company you select has the nod of approval from the FPAS. We’re glad to confirm that the FPAS recognises our business and technicians.
  • The government regulates fire safety stringently, so the fire protection company needs to meet the Australian legislative requirements and standards. Failing to comply with these directives can result in significant fines, so you can’t underestimate the company’s understanding of compliance codes, reporting, and regulatory audits.


Why Trust FireProof Fire Protection Services?


We prefer to think of ourselves as more than a service company – we’re partners in your operation that efficiently manage your fire protection requirements. We have over 30 years of experience assisting all types of organisations with fire protection. Our state-of-the-art systems allow you to obtain real-time updates, monitoring, and reports from one point of contact.

Our systems and processes are watertight so that you won’t miss any services resulting in non-compliance problems. Contact us to set up a team to evaluate your property’s fire protection needs.