Fire Training and Evacuation Plans to protect your most valuable assets

When fire strikes, be ultra-prepared with our essential fire training courses

No one expects it will happen to them – until it does.

If you’re caught in an emergency fire situation, you want to know that there are people on board who can handle the situation calmly and professionally, with minimal harm to life and property.

We’re fully equipped to train your appointed fire wardens to ensure they’re ready for anything.

We also offer First Response Extinguisher and Hose Reel Training, where attendees learn how to use hoses and extinguishers and how to put out small fires.

Our Evacuation Plans are designed specifically for your premises and fully compliant with all relevant codes.

Cover all bases, with FireProof’s superlative fire protection services.

Our Fire Warden training teaches wardens about:

Q. How many Fire Wardens should I have in my building?

A. Although determined by the Emergency Planning Committee for each building separately, it’s two wardens for every 20 people on average.

Q. How often should Fire Wardens attend a training?

A. Every six months, to keep things fresh in the mind and stay on top of any changes.

Q. How can I keep track of what training my Fire Wardens need?​

A. Set up a system where you’ll be able to clearly see all names and courses attended, as well as set reminders for the next training sessions due. Alternatively, hire a Fire Protection management company, who’ll keep tabs on all of this for you as part of the service.

Over to you

Do you have enough fully trained wardens, ready to save lives in the event of an emergency?

Don’t play with fire. Leave nothing to chance and get in touch with us to give your building the best protection possible.

What fire safety equipment do we test?

Fire Alarms

Sprinkler Systems

Fire Pumps

Occupants Warning Systems (OWS)

Emergency Warning Intercom Systems (EWIS)

Exit & Emergency Lights

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Doors

Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hydrants

As well as all of these, we also inspect and service Fire Fan Control, Sprinkler Pumps, Hydrant Pumps, Water Tanks, Deluge Systems, Gas suppression systems, Paths of Egress, and all fire-related essential measures, including Annual Fire Safety Statements.

Fire Protection Accredited Scheme
FPA Gold Member